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Up to 17.2% efficiency; Automated manufacturing
Through strong commitment in R&D, TS Solartech has made significant breakthroughs in product performance and quality execution. Our solar cells feature a low temperature coefficient, which help the cells be less susceptible to light-induced degradation or module hot spot risk. With a world-class R&D team, TS Solartech has been consistently improving from in-house integration of its production lines to on-site refinement of fabrication processes.

A full range of cell processing, including:
Multi-crystalline silicon-based cells;
Best solution for 250W/300W module made of 60/72 cells;
Standard cells calibrated by Fraunhofer ISE
Regularly monitor product performance and soldering properties;
Excellent mechanical performance proven by all customers;
100% inspected for shunt resistance and reverse current.

• 6 inch cell size with 2 busbars and 3 busbars;
• Wafer thickness of 180 to 200 mm;

Robust in-house automation systems

Consistently upgrading in quality, efficiency and yield rate;
• Highly automated wafer transport system;