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TS Solartech is a dedicated solar cell manufacturing company. We are determined to achieve sustainable business operations through environmental, health and safety (EHS) management, effective occupational hazard prevention, responsible environmental protection policies, and continuous green operations.

Occupational Safety Education and  Training

Emergency Response

  • SiH4 Leakage Exercise  (Need Actual Picture for Illustration)
  • Chemical Leakage Exercise (Need Actual Picture for Illustration)
  • Occupational Safety Education and Training

In order to enrich the knowledge, skills and implementation of emergency response equipment to our employees, we arrange practical emergency response equipment course with the plant firefighting team every month, the training content includes the following five items:

SCBA + Fire Suit Wearing Training
Walkie-Talkie Communication System Operations and Use Training
SCBA+ Class A Protective Suit Wearing Training
Fire Hose Practical Training
Handheld Detector Utilization Training


In order to incorporate the on-duty emergency response skills at every manufacturing plant site unit, all units select personnel to participate the Firefighting Training Course in the Hsinchu City Fire Museum. After completing the course, the participating personnel will become permanent seed ERT coaches of their units (or support the training of respective plant sites) to train employees within the unit and to enhance training efficiency.