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Founded in 2010, located in Penang Science Park Malaysia, TS Solartech is dedicated to the research, development, and production of high-quality solar cells, modules, and PV system. The Company strives to become the world's leading solar supplier through continuous innovation, outstanding production processes, high yield rates, and world-class product efficiency.

TS Solartech was established as a subsidiary of Tek Seng Holdings Group,  a well established PVC products manufacturer for over 30 years.  Since 2010, TS Solartech has become the first Malaysian-owned company that inked contract with a German leading solar equipment maker and equipped with the first automatic solar cell-manufacturing equipment in Malaysia.  Under its leadership, TS Solartech is committed to provide a clean and effective solar energy with affordable price for a sustainable world.

From the beginning of its production in June 2012, TS Solartech has been working tirelessly to boost the output and efficiency. Within two months after commencing volume production, TS Solartech had achieved a yield rate 97% with an average conversion efficiency of 16.7%. TS Solartech plans to continue expanding its production capacity in order to achieve greater economies of scale; by 2015, total installed capacity will reach 640 MW.

As an international manufacturer, TS Solartech consistently provides premium quality solar cells, with outstanding delivery, reliability and a competitive price. By upgrading its product efficiency and service quality, TS Solartech constantly supplies state-of-the-art crystalline solar cells to prominent international module manufacturers worldwide.

At TS Solartech, it is essential to focus on establishing long-term supplier relationships with major international makers.  In the future, TS Solartech will be forming strategic alliances of upstream polysilicon wafer makers together with downstream module manufacturers and system integration distributors, in order to enhance its competitiveness through vertical integration.